All done - after drying for some time you are ready to get your game organized
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Folded Space – foam inserts to board game Accessories & Upgrades

There is something very therapeutic about organizing your things, and organizing board games specifically inside the game with inserts has the same effect for me. Do you use inserts for your board games?

4 player setup
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Azul Review

Did you ever dream of making your own tiles for the bathroom or kitchen? Now is your chance; in the brightly colored board game Azul.

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BOSK – video in Danish How to

When I went to UKGE I met some other danes (@Game4LifeBG), who filmed me doing a how to video, when I was at the Floodgate Games booth. I have spend 2 days just explaining in English, so it was a bit strange to suddenly do it in Danish, but if you are interested it seeing me trying to explain the game BOSK, here you go.

Game board
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The King’s Guild Review

I really like this game; though the funny thing is, when I first played the solo version, to learn the game and I had no one to play with at that time, I didn’t really like it, and put the game aside for a long time.

Badge - entry ticket
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UKGE – UK Games Expo 2019 Convention

This was my first convention, so I wasn’t completely sure, what to expect, and I can’t believe it’s already a week ago it ended. Of course I had researched all I could in advance – which shows to attend, which games I wanted to try (and some play test) and pre booked pickup of some games.

Colorful dice!
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Sagrada Review

Can you do what builders couldn’t do for centuries; finish the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona?
Armed with dice in 5 colors, window templates and a few selected tools, you first task is to just finish one of the colorful window panes.

Bird House upgrade
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Bird houses for Wingspan Accessories & Upgrades

I don’t usually upgrade my games, but I just couldn’t resist these small bird houses instead of the wooden cubes for the action selection. Usually I prefer wood, but it’s not always an option.

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Wingspan Review

Birds, birds, birds – so many different species, big and small, colorful and black and white. Can you attract the best ones to your aviary? I love birds and my mum loved birds; great way to remember her.

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Herbaceous Sprouts Review

“Oh what a lovely garden, you have!” If you have never heard this before, because you don’t have a green thumb, there is help to be had. In board game form. But you still have to put in some effort to be the best gardener.

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Terraforming Mars Review

So let’s make Mars great again. It’s not going to be easy, but someone has to do it. It might seem simple “just put some water, make it breathable and warm”.