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The Quacks of Quedlinburg Review

Brewing potions and going to the market to track down the best ingredients will get you far, but you still need to know how to…

Park cards
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PARKS Review

That quiet feeling of hiking in nature far away from the bustling noise of the city is what you can get back when playing PARKS….

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Point Salad Review

You don’t have to make the prettiest and most varied salad to it to be good or score the most points.

Dice & game box
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Noctiluca Review

Dive down and collect the glowing Noctiluca. Fill jars to gather their healing powers. Well basically just collect the most dice matching your little jars…

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Clank! Review

A fearful dragon lives far down the dungeon underneath the castle guarding a priceless treasure. It loves to sleep and it will punish the one waking it – punished with being engulfed in flames.

4 player setup
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Azul Review

Did you ever dream of making your own tiles for the bathroom or kitchen? Now is your chance; in the brightly colored board game Azul.

Game board
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The King’s Guild Review

I really like this game; though the funny thing is, when I first played the solo version, to learn the game and I had no one to play with at that time, I didn’t really like it, and put the game aside for a long time.

Colorful dice!
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Sagrada Review

Can you do what builders couldn’t do for centuries; finish the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona?
Armed with dice in 5 colors, window templates and a few selected tools, you first task is to just finish one of the colorful window panes.

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Wingspan Review

Birds, birds, birds – so many different species, big and small, colorful and black and white. Can you attract the best ones to your aviary? I love birds and my mum loved birds; great way to remember her.

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Herbaceous Sprouts Review

“Oh what a lovely garden, you have!” If you have never heard this before, because you don’t have a green thumb, there is help to be had. In board game form. But you still have to put in some effort to be the best gardener.