Happy Salmon – Playthrough video Playthrough

We had a lot of fun playing Happy Salmon at my office as you can see from the videos.


12 player – 4 x speed

I wanted to try a crazy 12 player game, using 2 sets. It was a bit hectic and we needed a better setup with more space to move around, but it was so fun.

I had some fun increasing the speed by 4 times and this is the result, it sounds like lemmings screaming and running around, can’t stop laughing, so I hope you have fun watching this short 16 second video.


12 player

The game play in regular speed can be seen here



7 player

As we were playing a small tournament we were less players, giving us a bit more space, it seems to work best with 6-7 players around a round table, and maybe playing 2 tables with 6 is better than the 12 players. Well you can judge by yourself.



5 player – silent mode

Lastly we also played a silent mode, that is I forgot it and had to be reminded after the first 2 cards, but my colleagues were great at it. I have removed the sound all together as there was a lot of background talks and noises.


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