This blog How to use

I will start with posting reviews about games, and it might end up to with other information; accessories, events, playthroughs and other fun things.


Page filters

I have made a section called “Review” so you can filter just that, I will try and make pages for the different big categories, should there come more


Category filtering

In the sidebar and under each post you can click the category to look at all within the category. The mechanics section will help you find other games with similar features.


Tags filtering

This is meant to look for specific games, alphabetic list. This will include all information posted about these games; in the beginning just the reviews.


Review post

Will contain information about the game, some useful links and of course my opinion and my cats.

It will include information about possible expansions – and I might occasionally update this, especially if I make a separate review.

Reviews might get updated along the way if I for example get to play the game with different player count or some variant and have some thought about it.

  • Low ratings for skype-ability and portability won’t drag the game down unless they specifically stated this as a selling point. It might boost the game a little, as I value games that are flexible.