Midway remote game play
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Aqualin Review

Ever wanted to rearrange sea creatures – well you can in Aqualin, because, why not?   Game overview In Aqualin, which is a 2 player…

Birger usually doesn't come up, when we are playing, but I was playing remotely and he just came up to relax :)
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Project L Review - game provided

Don’t let the beautiful pieces fool you, your brain will have to work a little harder when completing puzzle, competing against others.   Game overview…

4 player setup
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Azul Review

Did you ever dream of making your own tiles for the bathroom or kitchen? Now is your chance; in the brightly colored board game Azul.

Colorful dice!
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Sagrada Review

Can you do what builders couldn’t do for centuries; finish the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona?
Armed with dice in 5 colors, window templates and a few selected tools, you first task is to just finish one of the colorful window panes.