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Spiel Essen 2019 Convention

Going to Essen Spiel 2019 was only my second convention (first was UKGE this year). I came prepared with preview list from BGG, hall plans…

Dice & game box
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Noctiluca Review

Dive down and collect the glowing Noctiluca. Fill jars to gather their healing powers. Well basically just collect the most dice matching your little jars…

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Shephy – Playthrough video Playthrough

Helge & I are counting sheep and trying to beat the evil sheep; watch how it goes in Shephy.

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What we are bringing on holiday – Summer 2019 Traveling with games

Even though I have a #BoardGameHatingBoyfriend on holiday he is more willingly to please me. These 14 games are coming with us.

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Herbaceous Sprouts – Playthrough video Playthrough

Helge & I are going in the garden to plant seeds; watch how we do in Herbaceous Sprouts

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Clank! Review

A fearful dragon lives far down the dungeon underneath the castle guarding a priceless treasure. It loves to sleep and it will punish the one waking it – punished with being engulfed in flames.

All done - after drying for some time you are ready to get your game organized
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Folded Space – foam inserts to board game Accessories & Upgrades

There is something very therapeutic about organizing your things, and organizing board games specifically inside the game with inserts has the same effect for me. Do you use inserts for your board games?

4 player setup
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Azul Review

Did you ever dream of making your own tiles for the bathroom or kitchen? Now is your chance; in the brightly colored board game Azul.

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BOSK – video in Danish How to

When I went to UKGE I met some other danes (@Game4LifeBG), who filmed me doing a how to video, when I was at the Floodgate Games booth. I have spend 2 days just explaining in English, so it was a bit strange to suddenly do it in Danish, but if you are interested it seeing me trying to explain the game BOSK, here you go.

Game board
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The King’s Guild Review

I really like this game; though the funny thing is, when I first played the solo version, to learn the game and I had no one to play with at that time, I didn’t really like it, and put the game aside for a long time.